Jesus called the Twelve to him and said to them, ‘Anyone who wants to be great among you must be your servant.  For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve.’   [Sunday’s Gospel]





SUNDAYS ~ In Desertmartin and Ballinascreen anyone may attend Sunday Mass in St. Patrick’s, Keenaught; St. Columba’s, Straw; St. Eugene’s, Moneyneena and Holy Rosary, Draperstown.


The 2-week TOWNLAND AREA ROTA continues in St. Mary’s, Coolcalm for Sunday Masses:


Sunday 17th October, 31st October, 14th November, 28th November:

Annagh and Moneysterlin, Ballinderry, Calmore, Cloughfin, Coolsaragh, Drumballyhagan, Drumcrow, Granny, Killynumber, Killytoney, Moneyshanere, Mormeal, Moybeg, Tamnyaskey, Tobermore and Tullyronan.


Sunday 24th October, 7th November, 21st November:

Ballymacpherson, Ballynagown, Clooney, Curr, Dromore, Drumsamney, Gortamney, Grange, Killyboggin, Knocknagin, Luney, Motalee, Moyesset, Rosgarran, Roshure and Stranagard.






St. Mary’s, Coolcalm, is open for private prayer and to light candles on

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 am to 2 pm.


St. Patrick’s, Keenaught, is open for private prayer and to light candles on

Thursday and Friday from 11 am to 2 pm.


Please wear a face mask/face covering while entering and leaving the church.

When you call into the church please pick up a coloured card at the door on the way to your seat.  When you have finished praying please leave the card behind on your seat.  That seat will be cleaned later in the day.  Do not sit on a seat where a card has been left behind.  Thank you.



in Desertmartin and Ballinascreen:



[See Townland Rota above for Coolcalm on Sundays]

Saturday ~

5 pm Vigil in St. Eugene’s, Moneyneena

6.15 pm Vigil in Holy Rosary, Draperstown [webcam]

7.30 pm Vigil in St. Patrick’s, Keenaught


Sunday ~

9 am in St. Columba’s, Straw

10 am in St. Mary’s, Coolcalm [webcam]

11 am in St. Patrick’s, Sixtowns

12 noon in Holy Rosary, Draperstown [webcam]




Monday and Wednesday morning ~

11 am in Holy Rosary, Draperstown [webcam]


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning

11 am in St. Mary’s, Coolcalm [webcam]


Friday evening ~

7.30 pm in Holy Rosary, Draperstown [webcam]



To access other Church Webcams go to

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